So Just How Secure Are Texas' Election Systems?

For years we have heard of Russians and other bad actors disrupting American elections by hacking and using various types of technology, and there are major worries that it could happen again in 2020.

But how secure are Texas' voting systems ahead of the critical election?

A Legislature committee tries to get the answers today, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Back in 2018, Texas Director of Elections Keith Ingram told lawmakers that there have been no instances of cyber attacks on the state's voter rolls.

But the bad news:

"It is accessed by approximately 2200 users through a web interface," he said. "As a result, it could be more vulnerable to hacking attempts than voter machines."

The voting machines where voters cast ballots are not connected to the Internet. But other machines, which handle voter registration and other duties are on line, and having them hooked into other Internet driven machines could make them open to hacking.

"Right now we have 2200 users who access our database, and we have no idea really, what is on their computers, what key loggers and viruses could be accessing our system,' Ingram said.

Bad actors seldom meddle with the votes themselves, because of the difficulty of getting to them. Instead, they could add non existent voters to the rolls to cast 'phantom votes' on election day.

Photo: Getty Images

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