You Can Win $50K By Guessing Oreo's New Mystery Flavor

They're back! Nabisco announced the return of Mystery Oreos on Thursday (September 12). The secret flavor will debut on Monday (September 16) and fans will be able to take their best guess at the flavor is. If they guess right, they might just win $50K. Here's everything you need to know about your chance to win big.

Though mystery flavors are nothing new for Oreo fans, Nabisco rolls out a different one every year. They're available for a limited-time only and fans get to play detective for a little while as they attempt to figure out what flavor, exactly, they're tasting. As Oreo fans will remember, the last mystery flavor dropped way back in 2017. Fans were able to guess the mystery creme flavor was Fruity Pebbles.

To help launch the 2019 Mystery Flavor, Oreo tapped Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo to attempt to crack the case. [Oreo asked me to try to solve the Mystery Oreo...Have what it takes to figure out the flavor when it hits shelves on 9/16?" Gaten tweeted, sharing the link in which fans can submit their guesses. You can submit a new guess every day.

Every correct guess you enter is counted as an official entry into the $50K sweepstakes. At the end of Mystery Oreo's limited run, one winner will be randomly selected to take home the grand prize. If you really want to up your chances, you can share your guess on Facebook and Twitter for extra entries. Fans will also earn bonus entries for every friend or followers who registers with a guess as a result.

Oreo will helping their fans out, too. Throughout the Mystery Oreo promotion, Oreo will drop some special hints to help you figure out what the flavor really is. The first hint is in the taste of the creme, according to Nabisco. They'll be dropping three different Mystery Oreo packs with different clues on each one, as well. As the weeks go on, Oreo will reveal even more hints and clues so make sure to keep your eye out for those.

Photo: Oreo

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