Viral Videos: Don't Stop Believin' on Boomwhackers


Well this is impressive! Havard's THUD group performs "Don't Stop Believin" using these things called Boomwhackers!




Skills or fake?




The guy laughing is hilarious!

"While driving to work early in the morning, I came upon a construction truck with a 12 ft pipe hanging off the right side. As I got closer, I could see traffic stopped on the right side. I quickly got my phone and started videoing. In complete shock, I started saying, “Wow oh!" and then it happened. The truck started nailing the stopped traffic to the right of him. I couldn't do anything but laugh. I was laughing so hard I started crying. Literally tears rolling down. I saw trucks and buses getting nailed by a redneck pipe bandit. It seemed to never stop. I started honking my horn repeatedly until the dude finally pulled over."



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