Country Extras:

During college football season there'a little bit of a rivalry between Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren.  They cheer for different schools that are rivals.  Thomas is a University of Georgia fan and Lauren is a University of Tennessee fan.

"It's pretty cordial.  If Tennessee's playing anybody but Georgia, I pull for Tennessee . . . and if Georgia's playing anybody but Tennessee, Lauren will pull for Georgia.  But we don't watch the Georgia-Tennessee game together.  It is not good for anybody that's around us.  So we won't be together."


I'm calling it right now!  Kelsea Ballerini is going TOP40!! With that said, I love artist that can collaborate across genres.  After all, that's what music is all about.


If you're a BIll Murray fan, he finally made his debut at the Grand Ole Opry.  Yes, that Bill Murray. He "helped" JOHN PRINE and THE STEELDRIVERS perform "Paradise" at their show on Tuesday.  Listen at 3:10.



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