Viral Videos: This goofy song on YouTube is trending


Well I can't tell if this song is weird or catchy?!  Someone just posted a song about how everything will be great, even though lots of bad things are happening. The guy starts by singing about Mount St. Helens, and it's "blowing up" on YouTube.  The song, not Mount St. Helens . . . that already happened.



Of course ... Florida! 

Well here's something i've never seen before, a guy driving a jet ski on a paved road! LOL It's actually a scooter with a jet ski body on it.  Someone tracked down the guy who owns this jet ski scooter and said the Florida Department of Transportation told him it's perfectly legal to drive.



Momsplaining w/ Kristen Bell: Sleep Deprivation.

Moms, can you relate?



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