Country Extras 9-13-18

CARRIE UNDERWOOD's song "Love Wins" is about the human spirit to rise above the "broken world" we live in. She said "This is hopeful.  This is joyous.  This is that kind of song."


According to LUKE BRYAN, he has the toughest time making Old Fashioned cocktails at home, so he's "pretty excited" that he'll get to have one any time he wants at his new spot, 32 Bridge Food + Drink in Nashville.

Btw below is the story of 32 Bridge


Do you remember the story about KENDALL JENNER and CHRIS STAPLETON? Well she finally opened up about that.  She said she couldn't handle seeing Chris live!

She admitted,  "Country music is my first love in music. Fact,”  She also talked about her experience at the Stapleton show.

“I have never gone so hard in my life, you guys. Chris Stapleton is a gorgeous human being. Gorgeous,” she shares. “It’s insane. But beyond physically gorgeous, he has an incredible stage presence, and it’s just his music." She adds, "You guys. I couldn’t handle it. I had chills the entire time. It was so beautiful. I’ve never danced so hard in my life.”



More country shows getting canceled because of Hurricane Florence.  Add ALAN JACKSON and the ZAC BROWN BAND to the long list.


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