Country Extras 9/10/18

Oh wow! People hating on CARRIE UNDERWOOD'S new Sunday Night Football theme song!  Some called it "atrocious!" 

RELAX!!!!!  What's the big deal?


Just for comparison, here's last years song


Who knew that BLAKE SHELTON can't stop eating kids food.  Healthy or mac and cheese?

Blake admitted as much in an interview with "Cowboys and Indians" magazine.  They were talking about things tha twould make up a perfect day for him.  One is hunting, and another would be GWEN STEFANI cooking for the family.

"But I eat terribly.  She'll make this big dinner . . . a piece of salmon and a salad for us.  And then there are her three little boys, and so there's macaroni and cheese and all those other things for them. I'll look at her plate and she'll have the salmon and salad, and I'll look at my plate and it's all the [stuff] she made for the boys . . . chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, those little pretzel bread rolls.  I've got to get better at that one of these days."


THOMAS RHETT and the wifey are back from a mini vacay to Italy and yes they missed their kids. 

"We had a great trip.  It was a much-needed time for me and Lauren to kind of get away and recharge a little bit.  But we are definitely glad to be back.  We missed our kids tremendously."



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