Jojo's Viral Videos: Lady falls through ceiling, while people eat


Paul McCartney and Jimmy Fallon surprise fans in elevators.



Well.  Did someone say tacos?



A 70yr-old farmer in Turkey was tripping by a flying drone. He got spooked and then tried to lasso the camera before ran away to protect himself.

This also looks like a definitely remote place where drones aren't very common. He looks frightened and seems to have no idea what's buzzing above him.



Well, ok then.  Here's a guy in India who set a Guinness World Record for cracking walnuts with his head.  He cracked 217 in one minute.  The previous record was 181. Records were made to be broken!



Oh HELL NO!!!! Can we please put this car in drive, like quick?!

On the other hand, if i knew this lion was not going to eat me, then yes!



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