Country Extras 9/7/18

This was pretty good! JASON ALDEAN got prank-called by TODD CHRISLEY, the guy from "Chrisley Knows Best".  It was on "E News Live". 

He told Adlean that his new property is inhabited by an endangered species, and construction would have to shut down. He bought into it at first, but when he heard the endangered species is a "crawfish that has two pee pees" . . . he knew it was a prank.


BLAKE SHELTON has a new gig and has been appointed to the newly formed board of the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation. Giving back to where he from because it's being set up to raise money for wildlife conservation in Blake's home state of Oklahoma


KANE BROWN is planning to take three months off to get married and go on a honeymoon.  After that he'll be launching a new tour.  Maybe getting married soon??

Quote, "I'm gonna take three months off.  We'll have the wedding and then we're going to take a month for the honeymoon."

His tour kicks off January 10th, so we're thinking sometime soon (it's Sept '18) He also says his Live Forever Tour is his biggest tour so far.   He's been in clubs and now playing for close to 10,000 people! 

He's also bringing Granger Smith, RaeLynn, Danielle Bradbery, and Jimmie Allen along with him to open select dates on that. Oh and he's also releasing a new album called "Experiment", and it'll be out November 9th.


CARRIE UNDERWOOD Is Canceling Shows Because of Illness

She's cancelling two shows & other appearances in the U.K. due to an illness.  According to her record company, they said said she "looks forward to resuming promotion for her new album 'Cry Pretty' soon."

Carrie's pregnant, so let's hope this is NOT related.  Next on her calendar, she'll be doing "The Tonight Show"next Thursday, which is the night before the new album drops.



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