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A Man with Cerebral Palsy Finally Gets to See the Ocean for the First Time

This one is cool and the 36-year-old guy from central Alabama who has cerebral palsy, rolled up to the beach thanks to his friends.  He'd always wanted to see the ocean, so his friends from church took him to Panama City, Florida.  Then they rented a special wheelchair he could use on the beach.  And he got pretty emotional talking about how thankful he was.

A Kid Uses a Nerf Gun to Pull His Sister's Tooth

HAHAAH SIBLING GOALS!!!!! A mom posted video of her son using his Nerf gun to yank out his sister's loose tooth.  It starts with them on the couch and you can see the string that's tied to her tooth.  When he fires the gun, the string goes flying.The girl looks a little startled, but then she gets happy when he brings her the tooth from the other side of the room.

Scientists Reverse Age-Related Wrinkles And Hair Loss In Mice

If this is true, no more botox parties :)According to some Scientists at the University of Alabama Birmingham, they claim to have successfully reversed hair loss and wrinkled skin in mice in an unprecedented anti-aging experiment.This has been going on for some time, scientists have identified a correlation between aging and a decline in mitochondrial function.

The new study began by engineering a mouse model where mitochondrial DNA can be depleted using a common antibiotic trigger. The mice were administered the trigger, resulting in a subsequent depletion of mitochondrial DNA. Within four weeks the mice displayed hair loss and wrinkled skin, all signs of natural aging.Dramatically, this hair loss and wrinkled skin was reversed by turning off the mutation.

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