Happy News: Guy Picks Up His Girlfriend In Themed Vehicles Every Day

Zach Doell took picking up girlfriend at  the end of classes everyday at the University of Louisiana to an another level. At first, he’d jokingly lay on the horn and call her name from the parking spot, but then it evolved.  He started surprising Brianna Garcia  by arriving in a different costume daily, then he started decorating  his car. One day it was an “ice cream truck,” another a pepperoni pizza  disguise on the car, he even made into the Batmobile.

Of course Brianna was embarrassed a time or two, but it soon drew  students waiting to see what he’d do next. The best was yet to come. As he was buying some costume accessories, the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile was nearby. On a long shot, he asked the drivers if they could take it for a spin at the University.

Humor is definitely a great way to win someone’s heart!



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