Royal Wedding Goodie Bags For Invited Guests

It's not an Oscar goodie bag but still All great parties have goodie bags, and it turns out, the royal wedding was no exception. Thousands of people were invited to the grounds of Windsor Castle to see Prince Harry and Meghan arrive and then depart in the carriage as newlyweds, and they all got monogrammed goodie bags to take home. 

The beige and blue tote bags feature Meghan and Harry’s initials, their wedding date and the location of the ceremony. But here’s what was inside the royal goodie bag:

  • A large gold chocolate coin embossed with Meghan and Harry's initials
  • Commemorative shortbread
  • A fridge magnetA bottle of water
  • A voucher for 20% off the Middle Ward gift shop in Windsor

All the lucky guests inside the castle got one of the goodie bags when they arrived, making an unforgettable day even more special.

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