San Antonio Fiesta Woman Has Gone Viral


Fiesta season in San Antonio never fails at bringing out a crowd you don't always see around the city. This 2018 season, Fiesta has brought a new celebrity in town...Fiesta Sucia, blue bikini girl, the girl with one cleat, whatever you want to call her, she's out every where dancing and what looks to be having the time of her life!

Marquita Racharte, has become and overnight sensation. As well as, got arrested for public intoxication, met her new boy friend while getting released from jail at the Central Magistrates Office, and went right back to doing her thing at market square. Videos of her dancing have been spreading across the internet, memes have been created and parodies are being written. 

Oh, San Antonio never let us down! Be on the look out for the blue bikini girl at the different Fiesta events!


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