Woman Fakes Pregnancy To Sneak Snacks Into The Movies

I can think of plenty of ways to avoid the extremely expensive price tag of candy, popcorn and snacks at the movie theater, but pretending your pregnant?

There a tweet that has gone viral and has close to 20,000 retweets and close to 42,000 likes! When Angela Brisk posted a picture of a woman sticking a Styrofoam bowl (like you find at a craft store) under her sweatshirt...with all the goodies underneath. 

As you might imagine, Twitter went nuts. No, it's not her in the pic, but many folks apparently find the idea as pretty genius. After all, it serves as the way to get the goods in...but also, as a serving bowl. “THIS IS THE BEST ONE EVER!!!” offered one commenter, while another added, “I think we’re going to see some pregnant men, too." Still, others are being grumps - with one calling the idea "dishonesty glorified."Some folks questioned “what’s wrong with your purse?” And Brisk was quick to reply, "Too small." Good point. 



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