The City of Windcrest is stressing that there are no plans to house any of the illegal Central American immigrants in the city, after rumors began that the social service agency BCFS had taken a lease on the old Office Depot building on Windsor Hill.

  The City of Windcrest released a statement from BCFS Vice President Assenet Segura confirming that the building will be used by the organization for 'general office use purposes.'

  "It will not at any time be used for the purpose of housing unaccompanied minor immigrants during the term of this lease," Segura wrote.

  The issue of moving unaccompanied minors around the country has sparked a backlash in several communities.  League City, near Houston, earlier this week passed a resolution not to participate in any attempt to house the unaccompanied minor children there.  In California, busses carrying the children have been blocked by angry residents and forced to turn back.