Today marks the start of the summer vacation season, and with the economy booming and the 'staycation' just a bad memory, the word this summer is luxury, and local high dollar hotels are ready.

"We have quite a few people coming in for long weekends from Houston, Dallas, and Austin," said Rob Fagen, the manager of the Eilan Marriott Signature resort, a five star hotel and spa destination on the city's northwest side.

He says reservations at the top of the line property are pouring in, and what do people want when they stay at a luxury resort?

Fagen says they want seamless and low profile service.

"They want to be recognized," he said.  "They want to make sure you're listening, and you're anticipating what their needs are."

He says luxury customers also don't want to be 'nickled and dimed' and they're tired of the 'fee' craze which has been so profitable at the airlines.  He says they don't mind paying the rate of a luxury destination resort, but they don't want to then be told that parking is extra and Internet is extra.

He says this summer looks like a winner for luxury properties.

Jeff Eigel agrees.  He's a travel agent with San Antonio's Rennert Travel.  He says after years of staying close to home, local vacationers can't wait to have an old fashioned Griswold-family style summer vacation this year.

"Some of the destinations that are seeing a significant increase over a couple of years ago include Hawaii," he said.  "Lots of family vacations are headed to Europe and Italy."

Since this type of travel is truly discretionary, experts say Texans are taking advantage of the state's booming economy to cut loose.

Eigel says cruise reservations are up substantially, and some popular cruises are nearly booked solid for the summer.

"We're at about a 21% increase over last year in cruises alone," he said.  "Total business is also up substantially over last year."