With today's society centered around technology, the University of Texas at San Antonio has seized the opportunity to boost the economy by giving support to young, but brilliant minds.

      UTSA's Center for Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship (CITE) has recently received a large donation from the 80/20 foundation to help fund college tech entrepreneurs’ who plan on making a difference in the increasingly technological world.

     "We really focus on the technology side. It's important for infusing that kind of thinking into our students and giving them hands on experience," UTSA chief commercialization officer, associate professor and CITE director Cory Hallam said. "On average we're seeing 2-3 new student companies spin off every year."

     UTSA's entrepreneurship program enables students to be innovative, putting their ideas to the test. Over 500 students from UTSA were able to compete in this year's technology business competition where they could possibly earn the chance to have their technological research pitched to seasoned San Antonio investors.

     "To some extent it's exactly like Shark Tank. This isn't an academic exercise; this is where you get your feet wet and learn the real experience of trying to launch a company," Hallam said.

     CITE has been growing rapidly, and plans to continue the expansion with the help of a full-time program coordinator who will be hired in the upcoming months.

     "The support the Geekdom has given us in hiring a full-time program coordinator has really helped us take this to the next level. We're looking for a young, talented, creative, and very energetic person to come join our team and help us grow this enterprise," Hallam said.