In its first statement since the explosive results of University of the Incarnate Word student Cameron Redus were first revealed by 1200 WOAI news last week, and then picked up by other media outlets, UIW says it will 'not be jumping to judgment' on the employment of police officer Chris Carter, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The autopsy revealed that Redus, 23, was shot five times by Carter during a confrontation last December, including once in the back, and once when he apparently was on his knees.


  Carter had pulled over Redus for a traffic violation on Broadway, but the confrontation escalated when the two wound up in the parking lot of Redus' apartment.  At one point Carter says Redus took away his police baton, and witnesses heard him mocking Carter, yelling sarcastically, 'what, you gonna shoot me?'


  The autopsy also revealed that Redus had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system, and a trace amount of marijuana.


  "It is fair and appropriate that we wait for a legal resolution to occur before making any decisions about the status of role of Corporal Carter at UIW," Chancellor Denise Doyle said in a statement.  "We have not changed this decision though some have suggested we should act without knowing the results of the investigation."


  Carter is on administrative leave but is still an employee of the University.  Officials have hinted that Carter may return to a police job, depending on the results of the Texas Rangers investigation.


  Doyle says she is worried that Carter, could be 'unfairly characterized in a very negative manner' by any university action.  She says the University 'continues to pray for Christ Carter' as well as for the Redus family.