A 17 year old Judson High School student who apparently didn’t realize how easy it is to trace SMS messaging is in hot water today, after she was fingered as the person who sent a threatening text to a student at Madison, prompting the second lockdown at the school in two days, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Officials say the girl has admitted to sending the text, mentioned guns on campus, as a ‘joke.’ but nobody at Madison was laughing. 


  A 17 year old Madison student was arrested on Monday after he brought three loaded guns, including an AK-47 rile , to school.


  “The North East ISD will pursue all legal action and will prosecute her to the fullest extent of the law,” North East spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor said.


  She says the school was placed on ‘soft lockdown’ because the Madison student who received the text message didn’t recognize the phone number and immediately told his teacher, who reported the incident to administrators, prompting the school to be swept for weapons.


  Officials don’t know what the connection, if any, is between the Madison and the Judson student.


  Judson says the student is also facing Administrative Disciplinary Action.


  “The Judson ISD does not tolerate such behavior,” spokesman Steve Linscomb said.  “Threats like this, however harmless as a student may think they are, have no place in the classroom or anywhere else.”