Texas Tea Party leaders are talking a victory lap in light of yesterday's primary elections, where Tea Party and 'movement conservative' candidates snagged some key races, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  "We keep hearing that if a candidate runs too far to the right, they're going to lose," said George Rodriguez, a Tea Party leader in San Antonio.  "Obviously, that's not true."


  State Senator Donna Campbell, a favorite of Tea Party conservatives, racked up 55% of the vote against two strong opponents, winning re-election without a runoff.  Tea Party favorite candidates Dan Patrick ran in first place for Lieutenant Governor, as did Ken Paxton, an Attorney General candidate who touted the support of Sen. Ted Cruz in his commercials.


  Rodriguez says all of the candidates touted one issue strongly, their strong opposition to illegal immigration.


  "People do not understand that it is a big issue to the majority of Americans, and to the majority of Texans," he said.


  Rodriguez predicts that the Tea Party victory in Texas in the primary will continue in the runoff and in the November general election, with more candidates taking positions in line with the Tea Party in hopes of winning elections.