Want to give a boost to the Texas economy?  Legalize gay marriage.

  A study done at UCLU shows that allowing gay marriage in Texas would generate $181 million to the state economy, mainly in money spent by local gay couples who are now going to other states to wed.

   "Texas already has a booming economy," Kevin Nix of the group 'Freedom to Marry' told News Radio 1200 WOAI.  "Gary Marriage would only help that."

  The study shows in the three years following the legalization of gay marriage, 23,200 same sex couples would tie the knot in Texas.  Researchers say gay couples generally spend more on weddings than traditional heterosexual couples do, and the spending would translate into $14.8 million in extra sales tax revenue alone.  The study also shows that same sex marriage would create up to 1500 new jobs.

  "Diversity is good for business, but at the same time, it also helps the macro economy across the state," Nix said.

  He said gay marriage would pay off in long term economic benefits as well.  He says more and more, companies, especially in the high tech fields, are including marriage equality in its list of factors they consider when making a location decision, including it along with things like tax policy and available workers.

  But traditional family groups are calling BS on the UCLA study.  They point out that the Texas economy is strong, without gay marriage, while California, where gay marriage is legal, is seeing a sputtering economy.