There were mixed feelings about that controversial downtown streetcar plan at a public hearing last night, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  VIA did get some support for the $280 million streetcar plan from some speakers at Temple Beth-El.


  "To give people a reason to set up businesses down here, I am very very very favor of this development," one man told 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason.


  "San Antonio is not considered a 21st Century mass public transit system yet," without the streetcar, another man told Berit.


  Several speakers blasted the streetcar idea as a vanity project with a bloated budget which is being pushed only by 'out of touch bureaucrats.'  Several called for a public vote on the streetcar idea.


  But the streetcar was favored by many of the speakers.


  Jesse Balleza of Via says the plan is to get the final green light for the streetcar this fall.


  "The environmental studies should be completed this summer, and then after that, we will submit it to the federal government for their approval, then they should give us their approval, what is called an 'environmental finding,' in the October, November time frame."


  There is also a move to push for a public vote on the streetcar plan in that same time frame.