A setback for the private space firm SpaceX as as a three engine test rocket exploded on launch from the SpaceX test center near McGregor, according to a statement provided to Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

  The statement says an 'anomaly' was detected in the F9R test vehicle, 'and the flight termination system automatically terminated the mission.'

  SpaceX CEO Elon Musk said in a Tweet Friday night, 'rockets are tricky...'

  SpaceX said it will release more information as soon as the incident has been investigated.  It said an FAA representative was on site during the test.

  Nobody was hurt.

  SpaceX is in the planning stages of setting up a 'Space Port' on Boca Chica Beach near Brownsville which will be its primary launch site.  No word on whether Friday night's incident will delay SpaceX's stated plans to begin launches in Cameron County in 2015.

  SpaceX has had some significant successes in its effort to become the nation's leading private space company. 

  NASA says it will cede much of its space flight and orbital rocket efforts to the private sector.