At a time when the leaders of the Texas Republican Party are appealing to the voters on the basis of who tough they would be in cracking down on illegal immigrants and deporting illegals, there is a move to rewrite a key plank of the state party platform to remove all hint of compromise on the issue, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Two years ago the state GOP at its annual convention wrote a plank known as the 'Texas Solution."

  "The Texas Solution is going to segment this population into those who want to work and are taking a job that Texans don't want to get," and others who are coming to Texas to commit crimes or to collect government benefits, according to Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson, who supports the guest worker proposal.

  But Patterson finished dead last in the race for Lieutenant Governor in last month's Republican primary, leading many party leaders to say that the 'Texas Solution" should be changed, to make the party unambiguously opposed to any type of illegal immigration.

  "I think there are many districts around the state that are already saying this is what we want," said Cathie Adams, President of the Texas Eagle Forum and an influential conservative leader.

  'It was not really something that people are excited about."

  Adams and other conservatives say the 'Texas Solution' amounts to 'amnesty' for illegal immigrants, something Patterson and other supporters deny.

  Changing the plank would leave the Texas Republican Party at odds with natural allies like Chambers of Commerce and other business groups which have been loudly pushing for immigration reform to allow more low skilled workers into the U.S.

  "And this would allow us to chase border security," Patterson says of the 'Texas Solution.'  Because this would allow us to chase the narcotraffickers and the coyotes and the smugglers, as opposed to spending all of our time going after the guy who washes dishes at the restaurant you ate at last night."