San Antonio's magnificent Scottish Rite Cathedral, the massive, columned building near First Presbyterian Church north of downtown, is undergoing a rebranding for it's 90th birthday, and it's theater will become the Scottish Rite Performing Arts Center, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

  "For many many years, it has been open to the public and used as a facility for weddings and banquets," said William Gerhart, who is with the San Antonio Scottish Rite Library and Museum, Inc, the non profit which operates the structure.

  He says the Scottish Rite will begin offering concerts in its 2,000 seat theater, and the proceeds will go toward repairing worn and broken seats, cleaning the Italian marble floors, and installing a much needed elevator.

  Board Member Steve White says it will also break down the 'mystique' which surrounds the ominous looking building.

  "We’ve decided it's time to let people know what is in here and what we're all about," he said.  "We encourage them to visit and take a tour."

  The local lodges of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, will continue to hold meetings and ceremonies inside the building.   The Texas Orient has four lodges which call the building home, Consistory Number 5, Knights Rose Croix Number 6, Knights Kadosh Number 5, and Lodge of Perfection Number 9.