Kick up your heels, because San Antonio is all country.

  A study by the real estate web site shows of all of the cities in America, San Antonio is number two in our love for all things country, trailing only Ft. Worth, which is number one.

  "San Antonio is number one for rodeo, they're high on pickup trucks and country music," Estately blogger Ryan Nickum told 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason.  "You put that all together and you come up with who is tops on the list."

  San Antonio is far more country proud than other Texas cities.  Dallas is 17th on the list, for example.

  "We looked at cities listed things that they liked on Facebook, such as country music, fishing, hunting, NASCAR, firearms, barbecue, and cowboy boots," Nickum said.

  Nickum says's profiling of communities allows people to choose the cities that are best for them when they move.

  "We just try to keep it consistent," he said.  "And so going to Facebook is a good way to get that kind of measure."

  Other pure country cities include Tulsa at #3 and Oklahoma City at #4.  Others in the top ten include Colorado Springs, Albuquerque, and the home of country music, Nashville, ranks number 8.

  The least country loving city in America?  Not surprisingly, it's San Francisco.