The San Antonio Fire Departments arson investigations dog, Kai, has been named one of eight finalists in the 2014 American Humane Association Hero Dog Award, Newsradio 1200 WOAI's Berit Mason reports.

  "Kai wont he category for best arson dogs, now she is up against the other category winners for the overall American hero dog award," the Fire Departments' Christian Bove said.  "People have between now and September 15th to vote."

   Each of the eight finalists and their handlers will be flown to Hollywood to take part in the Hero Dog Awards in September. 

  Kai is the SAFD's only Accellerant Detection Canine.  She is a shelter rescue dog who has now been with the department for almost four years.


  The black Lab was caught by a dog catcher and was close to being euthanized when the animal care services in central Illinois noticed her drive and a call was made to the State Farm Arson Dog Program.


  "She seemed like a good candidate for State Farm's arson dog program, and she went there and excelled, and about five years ago they paired her up with one of our own arson investigators," Bove said.


  SAFD Arson Investigator Justin Davis, who will be making the trip to Hollywood with Kai, trained her to detect petroleum based hydrocarbons which are undetectable to humans, allowing her to track several arson cases.