The storm front which rumbled through the area overnight has left behind plenty of damage and some areas are dealing with flooding, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  The National Weather Service reports that widely varying amounts of rain fell on various parts of the area.  Parts of Interstate 35 and parts of north central San Antonio received up to five inches of rain, while other areas received less than an inch.

  High winds are blamed for tearing a portion of the roof off of a west side apartment building.

  About 2AM, fire crews were called to  the apartment in the 200 block of west Broadview.  No one was hurt.  16 residents had to be evacuated in the heart of the storm, and the management is trying to find homes for them.

  There were several house fires this morning all breaking out within minutes of each other between 1:30 and 1:45, and all are believed to have been started by lightning strikes.

  The flames badly damaged a home in the 1400 block of Windmill Way on the northwest side.  Less serious were fires at homes on Ledge Stone and Chimney Springs on the north side.

  There were no injuries in any of the fires.

  The San Antonio Fire Department reports four high water rescues early today,  and ten streets remain closed due to high water.

  CPS Energy says about 15,000 customers were without electric service.  Outages were evenly scatted all over the city.

  Fire broke out about 3:30AM at the Holiday Inn Express in the 19200 block of Redland Road on the city's far north side.

  The fire went to two alarms, as crews scrambled up onto the roof to fight the fire.  One firefighter suffered a hamstring injury.  The hotel had to be evacuated, but no guests were hurt.