San Antonio Police are becoming increasingly nervous following a series of violent armed robberies in the last two nights, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  Following one of the armed robberies early this morning, one of the suspects fired shots at police.

  There were four armed robberies overnight and two Tuesday night which follow similar patterns.  Detectives aren't saying if they are related, but many involve similar looking people who behave in the same way inside the store.

  Most of the armed robberies have taken place at 'mom and pop' convenience stores and mini markets, which are a lot less likely than branded outlets to have to up date security cameras.

  Officers overnight were dispatched to the Pik-Nik store in the 110-0 block of South Presa, a small convenience store at Hackberry and Southcross, and a store in the 4100 block of East Southcross.

  In all cases, the suspects were described as two men armed with buns.  Inside the Pik-Nik one of the suspects fired twice into the ceiling of the store.  In the Hackberry and Southcross robbery, the men displayed guns but did not fire.

  But the most serious case followed the robbery in the 4100 block of East Southcross.

  After stealing what officers described as a 'substantial amount of money' from the register, two men jumped into Jeep and sped away.  An officer saw the Jeep going east on Southcross and began to follow it as it made a right turn into W.W. White Road.

  As the chase passed Chandler Street, occupants of the Jeep began firing at pursuing police.

  Nobody was hurt, the Jeep smashed into a telephone pole, and the suspects ran away.

  Two other armed robberies Tuesday night and early Wednesday morning matched the same description, and also involved shots being fired into the ceiling.