The long arm of the law is about to get a lot longer, as Bexar County Constables are going to begin to bust the bad guys---while they sleep!


  Precinct Three Constable Mark Vojvodich says his deputies and other law officers are using electronic license plate readers and driving up and down apartment complex parking lots between midnight and 4AM.  The ALPR  readers can detect license plate numbers in the dark, and can automatically compare them with a database of plate numbers on file for people who are wanted for warrants, misdemeanor, and even felony offenses.


  "We find hit on cars that have warrants," Vojvodich said.


  He says when they get hits, they move in, on a prearranged schedule.


  "Then we come back the next day and notify them that they have a warrant and they need to take care of it," he said.  "If they don't, the day after that we come out and make arrests."


  This is an expansion on a successful program constables used to arrest people on warrants near the Stock Show and Rodeo.


  Vojvodich says some times the bad guys just make it too easy for them.


  "We have a command center out here," he said of the ALPR equipment, which includes a communications trailer.  "We had one guy stop by and ask us what we were doing.  We gave him a tour, invited him in and showed him how we run the warrants.  It turned out this guy had a warrant out for him, so we placed him under arrest."