Steel wheels are being replaced by rubber tires for passengers of Amtrak in and out of San Antonio to Dallas, St. Louis, and Chicago, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

  Amtrak's Marc Magliari says the trains will no longer rumble out of Sunset Station at 7AM on the first link of the Texas Eagle, due to major track construction.

  "This is a major construction project just south of Ft. Worth, which in the end, will make it a lot easier for our trains to get into and out of Ft. Worth," Magliari told Newsradio 1200 WOAI.

  But Magliari says passengers will still be transported by Amtrak from San Antonio to Dallas Ft. Worth.

  "Our passengers will be carried on chartered busses which will represent the trains, which will travel between San Antonio and Ft. Worth for the next several weeks," he said.

  Magliari says the bus trip will be booked by Amtrak and will be part of the fare.  Passengers don't have to buy the bus ticket separately.

  He says the bus will be considered part of the train trip, so the Amtrak trains which will leave Dallas Ft. Worth bound for points north on the Texas Eagle will wait for bus passengers who board in San Antonio and Austin.

  "We'll be transporting people by these chartered busses," he said.  "The busses probably won't make as good a time as the train does, because as we know, I-35 can be kind of congested between there and there."

  The bus link will only affect passengers on the Texas Eagle, which runs daily from Chicago to San Antonio, and will only carry passengers between Dallas Ft. Worth and San Antonio.  The rest of the Texas Eagle, and the Sunset Limited from San Antonio to Los Angeles, will continue to run on standard Amtrak trains.

  The trains will resume making the full trip to San Antonio on September 3.