A major FBI probe called ‘Operation Cross Country’ has resulted in the rescue of six children who were being sold fro prostitution, and the arrest of three pimps in the San Antonio and Austin areas, 1200 WOAI’s Michael Board reports.

FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee says the purpose of the operation is to deal with the plague of underage sex trafficking, and arrested the adults who make money off the misery of children. 

“We see that the demand for children is something that continues to increase at an exponential level,” Lee told 1200 WOAI news.

Since last October, seventeen children have been rescued during FBI enforcement actions in the San Antonio division, Lee said. 

She says it isn’t just poor kids and immigrants who end up being trafficked as sex slaves.

“We often find that children from middle class homes find themselves recruited into this way of life,” she said.

Since almost all of the underground child sex trafficking these days takes place on the Internet, agents target websites that advertise ‘dating’ or ‘escort’ services, and frequently set up operations at casinos, truck stops, and what are known as ‘street tracks,’ motels and other places where this activity takes place.

“In this particular case, we did find children who we were surprised ended up this horrible situation,” she said.  “These kids appear to have lived a somewhat normal life.”