A 31 year old San Antonio pimp has been sentenced to 14 years in federal prison, for sex trafficking of minors, 1200 WOAI’s Michael Board reports from Federal Court.


  Ivan Gonzalez and his girlfriend, who was also one of his prostitutes, would run ads on the Internet promising to find ‘dates’ for teenaged girls.  Assistant U.S. Attorney Betinna Richardson says Gonzalez would keep the money.


  “People are not a commodity to be traded on the open market,” Richardson said.


  The FBI said it was focusing on cases like the Gonzalez case to shine the spotlight on the use of the Internet to lure girls into prostitution, frequently with promises of ‘dates,’ ‘good times,’ and ‘parties.’


  “The federal agencies in the Western District of Texas are committed to investigating and prosecuting individuals who want to profit from the exploitation of human beings,” Richardson said.


  After he does a ‘hard 14 year’ term, Gonzalez will be under twenty years of supervised release.


  The Girlfriend has pled guilty and has not been sentenced.