Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo has nothing but harsh words today for the man who plowed his Toyota Prius into a crowd in front of a club at 11th and Red River this morning, killing two people and injuring 23, 1200 WOAI news reports.

  The suspect has been identified as Rashjad Charjuan Owens, 21, of Killeen.  He was treated and released.


  "A selfish individual who showed absolutely no regard for the sanctity of life, or the individual on the street," was the chief's description.


  Eight of the injured remain in the hospital, three in critical condition.  The man who was killed was from The Netherlands, the woman who died was with him on a moped.


  Acevedo said the man will face capital murder charges, with carrying the possibility of the death penalty.  He is also facing additional charges of aggravated assault with a vehicle.


  "An individual who is willing to drive down a street mowing people down is either going to crash through a barricade or go around a barricade," Acevedo said in response to questions about why officers didn't do more to stop the man, who was speeding down Ninth Street in the wrong direction to get away from officers who had tried to pull him over at Ninth and the I-35 access road on suspicion of drunk driving.


  Acevedo said after plowing into a crowd that had gathered in front of a night club for an event that was part of South by Southwest and killing the couple on the moped, the man still tried to get away, jumping out of his car and running, but he was zapped with a Taser by an Austin officer and subdued.