This year's Fiesta Flambeau parade will be the most interesting parade in the world.


  Actor Jonathan Goldsmith, better known as the 'Dos Equis' man in the famous beer commercials, will bring his debonair super achievements to Fiesta April 26th to lead a parade which Flambeau President Salvador Gutierrez says is already pretty interesting.


  "It's the largest illuminated night parade in the country," he said.  "We attract 750,000 viewers, total."


  Goldsmith, 75, has a long acting carrier, including appearances in TV series' 'Trapper John MD,' 'Dallas' and 'Knots Landing.'  But he is undoubtedly best known as the man who ';once parallel parked a train' and urges his viewers to 'stay thirsty, my friends.'


  He will have plenty of friends on April 26.


  "Three quarters of a million people, and they are coming in from across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada for our parade.