San Antonio will be Ground Zero in the increasingly high stakes battle over immigration reform today, as House Speaker John Boehner arrives in the city to discuss the issue before a business and professional group at a downtown hotel, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Several groups plan to protest in front of the hotel to both encourage Boehner to approve immigration reform, or to urge the House to kill a reform bill already passed in the Senate.


  "I will present an open letter to the Speaker to do the right thing for the 11 million hard working immigrants and get this done before Congress leaves for the summer," said long time immigration rights activist Jaime Martinez, who has called on President Obama to end all deportations by executive order.


  Also protesting will be the Bexar County Young Tejano Democrats, the Brown Berets, and LULAC.  They will be urging Boehner to put the Senate passed bill up for a vote within the next couple of months.


  "At first, Speaker Boehner refused to bring S.744 to a House vote because he claimed the House was working on its own version of immigration reform legislation," group spokesman Carlos de Leon said.  "Months later, following inaction on immigration reform legislation by the House, the Speaker's tone changed and he began blaming the lack of progress on President Obama.  He claimed that the President has not enforced current laws and because of this, the House Republicans do not trust him to enforce the new immigration law."


  Also protesting will be a conservative, Tea Party aligned group which is calling for Boehner to reject what they call 'amnesty' for illegal immigrants.  They say immigration 'reform' is being pushed by Democratic politicians who hope to admit more Democratic voters, and by wealthy business owners who are in need to low cost labor.