Three weeks after a murder victim, with his dying breath, told police that a 'friend of Sara' shot him, Sara's friend was arrested early this morning and charged with murder, police tell 1200 WOAI's Michael Main.


  Sgt. Javier Salazar says Antonio Miranda was arrested following a disturbance in the 1900 block of Nolan Street on the east side.  When officers arrived, they found weapons were involved, and it took three officers to get Miranda into handcuffs.


  "They had to taze him, they finally got him under control," he said.  "They identified him, and found that he had an active murder warrant out for him."


 Miranda continued his bad attitude as he was paraded before reporters in the traditional 'perp walk' at Police Headquarters, spitting at newsmen as he was led past by officers.


  Salazar says Alex Navarro, 22, was shot dead March 20th at his apartment in the 7800 block of Callaghan Road.


  "As a dying declaration at the time Navarro was dying, he told officers that 'Sara's boyfriend' had shot him," he said.  "This suspect here is who was identified as Sara's boyfriend."


  The shooting is believed to have stemmed from a bungled drug deal, Salazar said.


 24 year old Sara Mary Clements has already been arrested in connection with the case.