Deputies in Harris County now say the four children who were shot and killed in a home in the Houston suburb of Spring were not the gunman's children, but that he was 'related by marriage' to the victims, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.


  Officials also tell 1200 WOAI that the suspect, Ronald Lee Haskell, 33, was on his way to kill additional members of the family when authorities caught up with him and arrested him following a standoff.


"We believe that the couple that resided at this residence the kids belong to them. They were not kids of the suspect," Constable Ron Hickman told 1200 WOAI news.


 Hickman says the crime was clearly planned out.


 "Suspect Ron Haskell, who was taken into custody last night, from what we can hear, came to this location yesterday afternoon late and came in the guise of a FedEx driver wearing a FedEx shirt," Hickman said.


"He came to this residence, gathered up the children that were here, and awaited the arrival of the parents. Sometime later the victims were shot at this residence. We have learned that Mr. Haskell was married to a relative of the residents of this home."


 Court documents obtained by Newsradio 1200 WOAI reveal that the adults who were shot and killed were Katie and Stephen Stay.  Four children, ranging in age from four to 14, were also murdered execution style, while a fifth child, a 15 year old girl, played dead and was later able to identify Haskell as the gunman.


 "As he was leaving this location we were contacted by one of the victims, notifying us of a location she believed she may go from there. Our officers arrived at that location before the suspect ," Hickman said.


  Haskell was arrested following a lengthy standoff.


  Officials say his estranged wife, who was not in the home at the time, is related to the family that was murdered.  It’s unclear whether Haskell planned to kill her as well.


  Haskell is held without bond on a charge of capital murder.