First Lady Michelle Obama's visit to San Antonio today is being tied to the success of an innovative program called 'College Signing Day,' which has helped boost the image of the city as, in the worlds of Mayor Castro, 'both a college town and a college-going town,' 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Mrs. Obama will speak shortly after noon to a gathering of students and college representatives in the Convocation Center of UTSA.


  Molly Coz of SA 2020 says the First Lady will have a large and receptive audience on hand.


  "Nearly 2,000 students, seniors from 38 schools in and around San Antonio," she said.  "There will also be representatives from 130 colleges and universities."


  College Signing Day, Cox says, is based on the ceremony which is frequently held when blue chip high school athletes announce plans to play for a certain college team.  Cox says every San Antonio high school student is a 'blue chip prospect' and every one of them deserves a similar ceremony.


  "As an athlete signs with their beat, we are celebrating students who sign with a college, or a university, or any technical school, or the U.S. Military," she said.


  A centerpiece of the Castro Administration at City Hall has been the 'brain power economy.'  as officials from all areas have attempted to not just convince San Antonio young people to continue their education to make them better positioned for jobs, but to encourage college educated young people to come to San Antonio too take brainpower economy jobs.


  That area has been fulfilled very well, with some 70,000 college educated young people moving to the city since 2007.


  Cox says that's what Mrs. Obama will push here today.


  "More college completions, more college enrollment, more high school graduations." 


  To support College Signing Day, people are being urged to wear their own college t-shirt to work today.