If you're famous, the Mays Family YMCA wants you!


  1200 WOAI news reports the YMCA is trying to grant the wish of six year old Andy Pardo, who is dying of a rare type of cancer called Osteosarcoma.  He was recently told that his cancer is terminal, and the YMCA's Laura Waldrum says Andy's wish is to be famous.


  She says celebrities from Spurs to the city's theme parks are being asked to show up at a party tonight at the YMCA.  She says Andy will arrive in a stretch limo, with a red carpet and a paparazzi presence equal to his 'fame.'


  "There are a lot of different people working different angles," Waldrum said.  "I know the Spurs were mentioned, but there are a lot of different people working hard to make this a special day for Andy."


  Local public relations executive Leslie Komet, who, as a long time TV personality is pretty famous herself, says the goal is to make Andy Famous for a Day.


  She says many members of youth football teams across the north side have made Andy an honorary member and will be on hand tonight to help make him famous.


  "Any and all attention he can get," Waldrum said.