A drunken driver who had been speeding down Ninth Street in Austin going the wrong way as he was fleeing police turned onto Red River, lost control of his car, smashed through a barricade, and slammed into a crowd of people that was leaving a concert at the city's South by Southwest Music Festival this morning, killing two people and leaving more than twenty injured.

  "The suspect failed to stop and evaded from officers in his vehicle," Jermaine Kilgore, Austin PD spokesman, told 1200 WOAI's Charlie Parker.  "He struck several pedestrians who were on the street, and also continued and struck a motorcycle with two passengers."


  It happened at Eleventh and Red River.


  Austin police say the two people who died were on a Mo-Ped that the car hit along with pedestrians who were leaving a club.


  "It just rolled over the people, I remember seeing people bouncing off onto the street," one witness said, according to 1200 WOAI's Michael Main.


  The motorist then struck a taxi, jumped out of his car, and tried to run off.  Officers shocked him with a stun gun and took him into custody.


  "He was going about seventy miles an hour," one woman said.  "He hit all these people right here, I think those people are dead, honestly."


  23 people were hurt.  Five of the injured are in critical condition.


  Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo says the motorist is in custody and could face additional charges.  Capital murder is potentially punishable by the death penalty in Texas.


  Acevedo identified the dead as a male adult and female adult.


  "Of the wounded, five are considered critical, and the rest are consider to be walking wounded," Acevedo said.