The city of San Antonio today announced $90,000 in immediate street improvements in the area on the north side where Tatyana Babineaux, 9, was run down and killed by a hit and run driver while on her way to school last month, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Councilman Joe Krier, who represents the area, says improvements include new overhead flashing beacons along the reduced speed school zone, re-marking of 25 crosswalks in the area, and installation of new Americans with Disabilities Act compliant ramps.


  "To make sure that no one goes through losing a child in such a horrible way," Tatyana's mom Jana Babineaux said while she was choking back tears.  "I don't want any parent to ever go through anything like this again."


  Krier said more improvements like this need to be made around the city.  He says the national average of pedestrian fatalities on all roadways is 12%, but in Bexar County pedestrians account for 20% of roadway fatalities.


  Police Chief William McManus said efforts like this are important, and his department has put together television announcement and other outreach efforts designed to convince motorists to drive safely.  But he says in the end, the driver must maintain responsibility for him or herself.


  "We ask everyone out there to be careful when they're driving, to be careful when they're walking, and the message is, walk safe San Antonio."


  The man who ran over the girl was arrested at the Texas Mexico border and is now facing felony charges in San Antonio.