It's the end of an era.  San Antonio Post Offices will no longer stay open until midnight on April 15th to accommodate last minute income tax filers, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  The reason--there are almost no last minute filers.  Of the 148 million income tax returns that will be filed by Tuesday, over 90% are filed electronically, and most of those have already been filed.  Only 23 million tax filers nationwide plan to haul paper forms to the Post Office this year, that is down 7 percent from just last year.


  "With more people filing income tax returns electronically, the Post Office has seen a significant decline in mail volume from last minute tax filers," San Antonio Postmaster Robert Carr said.  


  "With the increasing decline in customer demand, we will not extend hours for April 15th Tax Day operations in San Antonio as we have in the past.


  It wasn't that long ago that 1200 WOAI news would routinely send a reporter to the Post Office at 11:30 PM on April 15th to talk to the streams of harried taxpayers who were rushing to get their returns in on time.


  Carr says anybody who takes a tax return to the Main Post Office on Perrin-Beitel and put it into the mail box out front will have it processed and postmarked before midnight.  The Airport location will also be open until 10PM with an April 15th postmark guaranteed.