We're seeing an odd trend in illegal medicine in South Texas.  In the past few months, there have been several cases of women going into unlicensed businesses to have silicone illegally injected into their butts in what is called a 'booty lift.'

  Several of those who are under investigation are spa operators who have decided to make some extra money on the side doing butt injections.  The owner of a spa in McAllen this week was arrested.

  San Antonio Plastic Surgeon Dr. Thomas Jeneby tells 1200 WOAI news this is not only stupid, it is potentially deadly.

  "Unregulated, non FDA approved silicone is just like motor oil," he told 1200 WOAI's Michael Board.  "It would be alike a huge splinter until you managed to get it out."

  There have been reports of women dying from the complications of these ill advised procedures.

  "You actually have to filet open the area and you have to try to remove it," Dr. Jeneby says of the very gruesome procedure of trying to fix these illegal silicone injections.  "It's almost like having honey inside your skin."

  Investigators are still trying to determine exactly how many women underwent the dangerous procedure, which is usually done illegally at spas and other locations so the patients can avoid the expense of legal surgery.