The Bexar County retail sales boom shows no signs of letting up. 


  Retail sales, as measured by sales tax receipts, in Bexar County in March were up an amazing 16% over March of 2013, continuing a string of double digit monthly increases dating back to 2013.


  The Bexar county figure is more than double the statewide increase of 6% reported today by the State Comptroller. 


  Increased retail sales in Bexar County are credited to two factors.  The growth in population means more people in the county to spend money at local stores.  And what economists call the 'wealth halo' generated by rising home values and the Eagle Ford oil boom is also making shoppers feel better about their personal situation.


  The retail sales growth in Bexar County is by no means similar to statewide retail growth, even considering the booming Texas economy.


  Travis County, for example, saw retail sales growth of 8% in March, about half of the growth in San Antonio.