San Antonio City Council today granted AT&T the opportunity to lease city property for installation of it's super high speed 'U-Verse with GigaSpeed' internet service on city property.  It's the same agreement that was granted to Google for it's high speed Internet service last month.


  "The intent of these networks is to build fiber to the home, and provide high speed internet access to the homes," said Hugh Miller, San Antonio's Chief Technology Officer.


  The agreement, Miller said, allows AT&T to place equipment for it's high speed Internet service on city property, mainly on the grounds of fire stations, police stations, and city libraries.


  "There are shelters that house networking equipment, that will then connect to fiber nodes in neighborhoods," Miller told Council.


  Neither company has made a final commitment to construct the high speed Internet service in San Antonio, so no time frames are possible.  But these agreements pave the way for San Antonio to acquire some of the fastest residential and commercial Internet speeds in the state, about 100 times faster than speeds currently available.


  Mayor Julian Castro said it is a major step forward for the city.


  "I applaud AT&T for responding to the call for greater competition in the San Antonio market," Castro said.  "The big winners will be local consumers who will have greater access to super fast Internet speeds that can spur innovation and drive entrepreneurialism."