Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff's usually dry State of the County address was fired up this afternoon by the local indie group Girl in a Coma, as Wolff proposed surpassing Austin as the Live Music Capital of Texas, 1200 WOAI news reports.


  Wolff cited San Antonio's rich history of rock, conjunto, Tejano, and country music, and said the city has the venues and the music to compete with Austin's Austin City Limits Music Festival.


  "The Pavilions of Mission Park is located on sixty acres of park land that we own," Wolff said.  "Next to that is the city owned Mission Drive-in."


  Wolff said that venue could match the 220,000 people who regularly flock to Austin's Zilker Park for that city's music festival.


  Wolff said it's outrageous that San Antonio is missing out on major concerts to its smaller neighbor.


  "Witness Paul McCartney's sold out show in Austin this week while he skipped San Antonio," Wolff said, recalling that it was McCartney who opened the Alamodome in 1993.


  Wolff said the city and county must create better relations with promoters, create major outside musical festivals, and tune into the evolution of indie bands.


  "I want to see Bexar County make its mark in the new sounds of music," he said.