An early morning milestone for the San Antonio Toyota plant.


  1200 WOAI news reports the one millionth Toyota pickup rolled off the assembly line at the south side Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America plant at 2:40 AM today.


  "We are grateful for our loyal customers across North America who tell us they love driving Texas built Tacomas and Tundras," Chris Nielsen, president of Toyota Texas, told 1200 WOAI news.  "It makes me incredibly proud of our team members and on site suppliers every time I see one of our trucks on the road knowing that safety and quality are built into every one of them."


  The one millionth pickup was a sunset bronze mica colored 1794 Edition Tundra.  The 1794 Edition is a reference to the ranch where the plant was built in the last decade.  The ranch was founded in 1794.


  The San Antonio Toyota plant is now working at its highest capacity and highest employment levels since it opened in the fall of 2006.  Currently, 2800 people work directly for Toyota at the plant, and other 2900 work for the 21 on site suppliers which ring the plant, making it one of the largest industrial operations in Texas.


  Sales of the Tundra have been booming, which records being set in 2013.  Nielsen has even considered going to an unprecedented third shift to accommodate demand for the Tundra, all of which are produced in San Antonio, and the mid sized Toyota Tacoma, about half of which are produced here.


  If all of the pickup truck Toyota Texas has produced in the past seven years were parked end to end, the line would stretch from the Alamo to Honolulu.