Time-Warner Cable is about to shake up your life.


  The cable operator says it plans to make major changes to its channel line up for customers in San Antonio and surrounding areas starting October 15.


  Time-Warner area vice president Brad Wakely says the channels will be grouped according to themes. 


  For example, CNN is now 135, Fox News Channel is 152 and MSNBC is 162.  Wakely says the new plan will make them 201, 202, and 203 respectively, with other news and information channels, like The Weather Channel and C-SPAN, following behind.


  "Our new, theme-based lineup will make it much simpler and easier for our customers to navigate through the lineup," said Wakely.  "And with the new lineup, customers with an HD box will automatically receive the HD feed of the corresponding standard-definition channel, providing the best picture available."


  Time-Warner is the largest cable television provider in this region.


  Wakely says there will be no changes to standard tier, standard definition channels 1 to 99.


  He says you won't have to adjust your DVR to continue your scheduled recording of 'Breaking Bad.'  He says the set top DVRs will automatically transition.  The parental control settings will also remain unchanged.


  You can see the new Time-Warner channel line up here:

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