Universal City, Schertz, and Cibolo, all in the Metrocom area northeast of San Antonio, are among the ten most affordable suburbs in the country, according to a study by the real estate web site Motovo.com.


  1200 WOAI’s Stephanie Narvaez says the reasonable price of housing in Texas, and the fact that the state has no personal income tax, are both factors in placing four Texas cities in the top ten.


  The other Texas suburb in the top ten is Pearland, near Houston.


  “That goes down to the cost of groceries and the cost of utilities,” said Randy Nelson, who wrote the study.  “But the main thing was the cost of a home.  We look at the median household income for a year when compared to the median home price.”


  Universal City ranked best of the three San Antonio suburbs in the top ten.  Motovo cites Universal City’s moderate cost of food, utilities, and housing, which it pegged at nine percent below the national averages.


  The study also said all of the suburbs on the list are ‘above average in terms of safety, amenities, education, and other important factors.’


  “It is exciting to have Schertz listed as one of the top 10 most affordable suburban cities in the United States,” said Mayor Michael Carpenter.


  “The best part of this particular recognition is that we have chosen, as a community, to focus on quality of life as a core part of who we are and want to be.  Schertz residents have access to amenities typically found in larger, more highly-taxed and highly-leveraged cities.”


 Nelson agreed.


  “All three of these suburbs show the costs of food and groceries to be really low,” he said.  “The tax situation, considering the fact that there is no income tax, also weighed very heavily in their favor.”


  While Universal City, Schertz, Pearland and Cibolo were all in the top ten, a total of eleven Texas suburbs made the top fifty.


  The single most affordable suburb in the country, according to the study, is Midwest City, Oklahoma.